What can I look forward to at COMREC Mt Gambier?

Comrec Mount Gambier is a Day Option and Respite provider for people with a disability. We offer a service five days a week for forty-eight weeks of the year. We have been operating in Mount Gambier for approximately 20 years and have increased in size steadily over this time. Currently we have 25 participants with most of these attending daily. As part of our daily services we also offer bus runs to and from Millicent and Penola as well as local transport.

Comrec Mount Gambier offers new programmes every month. Recently we have been enjoying themed months. These Programmes offer variety and flexibility with three different activity choices per day. These choices are based on vocational/educational, recreational/social, and centre based/life skill activities. This assists to promote individual decision-making through developmental programmes focused on improving social and life skills through recreation and education.

We ensure that all participants are supported and treated with dignity and respect, by a staff team that is continually striving to provide a professional service through personal development and training. We continually improve the service we provide by meeting the preferred provider panel and service excellence framework criteria.

Comrec Mount Gambier encourages participants to develop friendship networks with their peers in a supportive and safe environment, so that our participants can experience a holistic quality of life regarding relationships and personal growth. We also ensure that all of our participants are supported and encouraged to participate within our local community, often being involved in many community events.

In 2006 Comrec purchased a beautiful venue situated on 2 acres which has allowed us to expand our vision and service. Some of our individualised activities include:

  • Animal husbandry and rescue service
  • Theatre and acting class
  • fitness and exercise classes with a personal trainer
  • Art and craft classes

Some of the group activities that occur on a regular basis are:

  • Swimming
  • Household shopping and shopping for activities
  • Gardening and house maintenance
  • Digital Photography
  • Educational activities and games
  • Hospitality and catering
  • Hair and Beauty services
  • Mystery Drives and Scavenger Hunts
  • Bowling
  • Numeracy and literacy activities
  • Community outings
  • Music and drama activities
  • Self awareness programmes.

We believe we are a family centered organisation focusing on person centered practices and this we try to achieve on a daily basis. We provide an excellent level of personal care and staff are trained annually to provide any requirements a participant may need on a personal level such as medication, gastronomy feeding etc.

Comrec Mount Gambier also have the unique opportunity of offering a parent support group that is attached to this organisation. The group has developed out of need and is a wonderful way for parents and careers to meet together to discuss individual concerns and support one another. The group also does annual fundraising for our participants to develop new opportunities and or resources for our participants usage.

Participants and their families often comment about our homely environment, transparent attitudes and friendly open door policy. Participants also collectively agree that they love coming to Comrec to see their friends, and have fun!!

Staff are constantly pushing the participants to achieve their goals, physically and mentally, and they strive to support every person in the team.

Shaya Smith

Shaya Smith

Mt Gambier Coordinator

Phone/Fax: (08) 8723 0400
Mobile: 0438 385 423
Email: shaya@comrec.com.au

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