What can I look forward to at COMREC Modbury Heights?

Comrec Modbury Heights is an exciting, vibrant and social group where participants can express their individuality through a variety of fun, creative and exciting activities. Our staff have a lot of talents which we utilise on our programme, we have 2 swing dancers, a singer, a gardener and a couple of very crafty staff. Our participants learn something new everyday through everything they do. Each person starts the day by choosing what activity they would like to participate in, some choose the activity they want while others it’s about who they want to spend the day with. Friendships are an important part of our group as they encourage each other to try new things and support each other. Another part of our morning is numeracy and literacy, it’s important to not only maintain the skills learnt at school but to also develop them further. We use a variety of tools and learning materials such as games, writing books, iPad apps and online learning material.

We strive to increase skills, confidence and encourage talent  and self-worth in our participants, one of our new activities is singing where our talented staff member Lindy develops a participants singing ability. Even if they aren’t able to hold a note or are non verbal the activity incorporates movement, music beats, and theatre.

Our group also love to cook, we have a Hospitality and Catering activity where participants can experience new tastes and learn new skills. We also like to cook up some of the old favourites like spaghetti and pizza which we turn into a healthy low-fat version that is more popular. The activity is not just about cooking, it’s also about how to present food, how to set a table and all the things involved about catering for an event which we also do. We love parties especially birthdays and sometimes we have themed birthday parties that a small group will cater the day before by researching the menu, purchasing the ingredients and preparing everything ready to cook the next day.

One of our most popular programmes is our lunch boxes, participants can purchase and make their lunch for $6 , this includes a choice of a sandwich, roll, wrap, salad or a  pre-cooked hot meal made by our hospitality and catering group, a piece of fruit, a healthy snack and a fruit box. If a participant wishes to purchase lunch then a staff member will then assist them in both choosing and making their lunch.

We encourage personal hygiene skills such as shaving and brushing teeth which our very patient staff member Yarran does of a morning with a group which developed by a couple of parents asking if we could help them in those areas. Parents and carers are also important to us, we like to work together so that our participants can become their best and more.

We provide a variety of activities during the month which are chosen by the participants, some of the favourites which are a monthly regular are swimming, bowling, latitude and sound waves . We also browse through the Internet for new experiences and places to see, at Comrec Modbury Heights the world is your oyster.

Janette Nisbet


Modbury Heights Coordinator

Phone/Fax: (08) 8263 0642
Mobile: 0438 385 421
Email: janette@comrec.com.au

Francie Ziemelis

Modbury Heights 2IC

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