What can I look forward to at COMREC Elizabeth Downs?

We at Elizabeth Downs enjoy the largest property that belongs to COMREC in the city. We are close to some of South Australia’s beauty spots such as the Barossa Valley and the Adelaide Hills.  We can also access the City and regularly go to Port Adelaide and the beachside suburbs such as Semaphore. At present we offer a 5 day per week day options service.

Currently we have 30 clients, with 22 to 24 clients attending Monday to Friday. Part of our service includes transport of clients from home in the morning and to home in the afternoon. Our vans also transport clients to and from activities each day.

Comrec Elizabeth Downs offers a rotating program each month with some months being themed around happenings in Adelaide such as the Fringe, History month or an activity such as hospitality and catering which can have themes such as curry or soup month. Three different choices are available each day to allow clients flexibility of choice. Choices offered are around themes of vocational/educational, social recreation and centre based/life skill activities. The variety ensures clients are practicing decision making through developmental programs focused on improving social and life skills through education and recreation.

Clients are treated with dignity and respect by a professional staff team constantly striving for improvement through personal development and training. Comrec as a company strives to meet and maintain a service that complies with the criteria set by the provider panel and service excellence standards.

The clients that attend Comrec are encouraged and supported to have friendships in and outside Comrec as many of them attend activities where they meet clients from our other venues and services. These friendships result in personal growth and life skills for socialising in the community. These opportunities provide the foundation for holistic life skills both inside and outside of Comrec.

Our regular activities include:

  • Sports Ability at the Parafield Gardens Recreation Centre
  • Have a Go Sport at Enfield Community Centre
  • Swimming at the Aquadome
  • Attending the YMCA Gym at the John McVeity Centre
  • Walking the dog (or dogs if you have one we can walk)
  • Hair and Beauty at our Salon (staffed with Comrec’s qualified Beautician and Hairdresser) at Comrec Modbury Heights
  • Community outings
  • Educational Games
  • Art and Craft
  • Digital Photography
  • Sailability
  • Numeracy and Literacy
  • Music, singing, guitar playing
  • Hospitality and Catering

We believe we are a family and client centred organisation focussed on person centred practises that try to achieve on a daily basis. Our staff are regularly trained to meet individual client needs in skills such as provide medication, non violent crisis management etc.

We regularly seek and encourage feedback to gain a full understanding of individual needs, preferences and choices. We have an open door policy that everyone is encouraged to use.

Comrec Elizabeth Downs looks forward to seeing and hearing from you soon.

Michael Haseloff

Elizabeth Downs Coordinator

Phone/Fax: (08) 8287 6400
Mobile: 0438 385 418
Email: michael@comrec.com.au

Jenni Bosworth

Elizabeth Downs 2IC

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