What can I look forward to at COMREC Craigmore?

Hello and welcome to the Craigmore Comrec program. We have recently moved from the old Elizabeth facility to a brand new and renovated facility located in Craigmore.

We have a fleet of vehicles available, a sensory room, new kitchen and bathrooms, gardens and new art room. We are very happy to be able to provide these new amenities for your enjoyment.

Here at Craigmore we are proud of all our clients successes and achievements. We are always working to empower and enable the people we support and do this by working closely with them in areas in which they want to improve as well as maintaining current independent skills.

We can provide plenty of different activities and areas of learning, such as cooking and baking, computers and technology, arts and crafts, sports and numeracy and literacy. We also do plenty of fun leisure activities, such as visiting libraries and museums, fun in the park, sailing and going out for group lunches at your favourite eat out.

Fitness and well-being is also important to us, we have a large fitness area with exercise bikes, fitness balls, exercise mats, dumbbells and skipping ropes and our clients are encouraged to use. We also do lots of healthy walks and we and once a month we walk Bella the dog who belongs to one of our staff member, this activity is really popular with our clients. Yoga is also a popular activity.

We also have access to a great Beauty Salon at our North East Centre. They offer many different services including nails, waxing, facials, shaving, manicure, pedicures and any other beauty treatments. We also have a hairdresser available for all your hairdressing needs.

Our friendly staff are continually being trained to the highest standards and are capable of covering every aspect of care and assistance that could be required.

Our secret to success is we have a very close-knit team of staff members who all work fantastically well together and are loved by all of our clients. We treat all our client and staff as equals and valued members of our program.

New clients provide independence, new energy from step to full programme.

Debbie Rowe

Debbie Rowe

Craigmore Programme Coordinator

Phone/Fax: (08) 8284 1149
Mobile: 0431 037 891
Email: deb@comrec.com.au

Jagroup Sahota

Craigmore 2IC


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