What can I look forward to at COMREC Prospect?

Comrec Blair Athol has now moved to Klemzig and is being expanded into a larger group program.

The house that we use for program base is located in Klemzig on a very beautiful street. The people who live around us are very welcoming and often call out to us to say hello as we are on our way in or out during the day. The lady next door has given us fruit from her trees and we have received invites around Christmas to pop in on the street functions. It is a very welcoming community.

We have a small walking group, weather permitting, that will walk to the local Coles to purchase milk for program or if the clients need to purchase their lunch. The sales assistants have got to know us and welcome each and every person.

The community centre at Kilburn has embraced our guys as part of their group and they love it when we join them on Thursdays for karaoke! The Centre also has various activities during the month that we have been welcomed to attend, and do regularly.

Whenever one of our participants have an outing or activity they would like to do it goes up on the whiteboard and it is then put on the program for the following month. We use printed cue cards, words and pictures to help our clients make decisions.  Everyone gets to choose their favourite activities.

Every year we participate in raising money for the Biggest Morning Tea and all families, friends and carers are invited to come along.

Our participants have recently set up a small knitting group within the program, and together they are knitting small squares which will be joined together to make blankets that will then be donated to charity. We set aside one or two days of each month were we sit around knitting, chatting and enjoying a pot of tea. The group is proud of their work.

At the end of the year we have an awards day where everyone receives a certificate of achievement for their wonderful work through out the year. We invite families, friends and carers to attend and finish with a luncheon.

Once a month I organise a movie day at Arndale cinema, which is attended by clients COMREC wide. This gives our group and the other Comrec groups a chance to meet up with old friends and watch one of the latest movies.  This is a big hit with most of the clients at Comrec.

Liz Carter

Liz Carter

Prospect Programme Coordinator

Phone/Fax: (08) 8261 0021
Mobile: 0421 497 886
Email: liz@comrec.com.au

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