There are group programs, and then there are COMREC group programs.

At Comrec, we offer an ever changing array of activities that have been put on the programme with full consultation from our existing clients to ensure the activities are what the clients are wanting.

We have 3 different activities on the programme every day, so that you can then choose the one that interests you most. The program’s are redone every month so there are always new things to choose from as well as favourites that are on every month. We try and have a good mix of different activities such as ( but not limited to):

Vocational activities: gardening, computer skills, numeracy & literacy, cooking, first aid skills, sewing etc

Centre Based and Life Skills Activities: Personal Care (grooming, hygiene, makeup etc.) money handling skills, shopping, photography, understanding emotions, cooking, art and crafts, IPad games, Zumba, Wii Fit, bbqs, road safety, social stories etc.

Recreational and Social Activities: swimming, bowling, gym and fitness, Royal Show dancing, Music Works, laser skirmish, Sound Waves, Sports Ability, zoo visits, Dolphin Cruises, Sailability, bushwalking etc.

We have beautiful venues, 6 of which are owned by Comrec’s Directors which means they can be set up exactly how we want them. Our focus is on the venues being relaxed and homely so that the clients always have a welcoming base to come and go from each day. The clients look after the houses with staff support which gives them a sense of pride in the venue while teaching valuable life skills at the same time.

All the programmes are well resourced with IPads, computers, games, jigsaw puzzles, art and craft and a whole range of other options to keep you busy and entertained when back at the venues either before or after activities.

We have also put a lot of thought into extra specialist options that are exclusive to Comrec, such as our own hair and beauty salon, artists in residence and a specialist singing and performance group.

Specialist Activities and Services

Hair and Beauty

We have a beautiful fully functional hair and beauty salon set up at our Modbury Heights venue, as well as qualified hair dressers and beauty therapists on staff. Hair and beauty days are regularly put on each monthly program, or a special time can be booked for 1 on 1.

Our professional hairdressing staff can assist with hair cuts, hair braiding,  up styles, beard trimming, while our beauty therapist can make you beautiful with manicures, pedicures, facials, make up and waxing with prices starting from as low as $5 (when on a Comrec Day Options Programme).

We also do beauty shoots when we do hair and beauty treatments and then take photos, which make wonderful gifts for family or someone special .

Resident Artist

We have two fabulous artists in residence available for specialist art and craft classes, one in Adelaide and in Mt Gambier.  We also have some support staff who are into everything crafty and are always coming up with awesome things to do! We believe in assisting you to create quality items that you will be proud to take home and display.

 All our staff are very skilled at bringing the creativity out in anyone  that is interested and assisting in making beautiful creations for both the program house and for clients to take home.

Singing Training

Our singing classes are run by a staff member who has 30+ years experience in the music industry as a singer and performer. Using our purpose designed studio which is equipped with PA, microphones, speakers and all manner of costumes, our music studio is a great place to learn how to sing and perform on stage.

Our clients regularly perform at Comrec events like our Christmas Party or other group activities.

Registered Nurse

COMREC has a registered nurse available on call for whenever programs or events are happening, so that staff have access to support around medication, illness and procedures at all times. In house medication, midazolam and gastronomy  training also allows us to train our staff specifically for each personal condition allowing a more person centred approach to health care whilst on program.

Behaviour Specialist

Comrec management have put a lot of time and effort into training staff to be well equipped to manage behaviours of concern that clients may exhibit and to ensure that clients can get the most out of their social interactions and have friends and interests that they can participate in.

We have a behaviour register that we use to keep track of all client issues, which is watched over and supervised by our behaviour support specialist Shaya Smith, who has been trained in functional analysis in the United States with the Institute for Behaviour Analysis. She also provides training for staff in MAPA (Management of Actual or Potential Aggression) and assists staff to develop behaviour support plans when needed.