At COMREC we believe in a person centred approach to supporting our clients, and that assisting them to make their own life choices to give them the best quality of life possible is of the utmost importance. We know that to do this, life should be fun, engaging and educational to give each individual meaningful interactions and choices to make every day.

Our Vision

To improve the lives of all  people with a disability by assisting them to reach their full potential.

Our Mission

We will do this by offering a choice of diverse programmes in a supportive and fun environment.

Our Core Values

The success of COMREC Australia’s mission lies in the delivery of quality services, to our clients. Our strategic plan identifies 8 core services that  COMREC aspires to achieve.

Highest Quality Standard of Care

To continually  improve the services provided by COMREC, by meeting the criteria for accreditation , listening to what our clients like and acting on that and ensuring all staff are well-trained and supervised.

Meeting Individual Requirements and Needs

To ensure clients have all their individual needs identified and the opportunity for evaluation is established.  That appropriate resources are accessible and readily available and are designed to meet  his or her individual needs and personal goals.

Make Friends and Lead Fulfilling Lives

To encourage clients to develop friendship networks with their peers in a supportive and safe environment, so that the client can experience a holistic quality of life regarding relationships and personal growth.

Development of Life Skills

To promote client choice and assistance in developing  programme activities that will assist  the client in developing transferable short, medium and long-term life skills.

Valued Programming Goals

To provide each client with the positive recreational, self-development and social learning opportunities associated with the worthwhile, enjoyable and socially valued activity of their choice.

Community Inclusion

To ensure that each client is supported and encouraged to participate and be involved in the life of the community. To ensure that COMREC staff are proactive in promoting the integration and acceptance of people with a disability in their communities.

Our Ageing Population

To ensure that ageing clients  are catered for by providing programmes that will provide appropriate care for clients with age related needs. To ensure that COMREC staff are understanding and sympathetic to the needs of our older clients.